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distribution boxxzw integrated distribution box for outdoor distribution and transformation
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xzw outdoor integrated distribution and transformer distribution cabinet is low-voltage set switch device designed by the company based on the principles of safe, economical, reliable and reasonable according to the requirements of national rural power grid construction, renovation and design department. its technical standards, technical specifications, wiring scheme of metering unit are in accordance with "power calculation cabinet design and installation manual", the product is a new outdoor distribution cabinet combined with overcurrent, overvoltage, phase protection and other functions. the product has features of small volume, high degree of protection, perfect protection performance and high degree of automation; it is the ideal choice for rural power grids renovation. it can be widely used in power distribution system of ac 50hz and rated voltage of 380v, it can used as powered lighting and power distribution equipment.
● ambient air temperature: -25℃~ 40℃, average temperature in 24h should not exceed 35℃.
● altitude should not exceed 2000m;
● air relative humidity: relative humidity can be 100% at 25℃; 
● surrounding medium should be free of conductive dust or inflammable or explosive danger, no medium that would destroy the insulation; 

● the installation site should be free of strenuous vibration or impact. installation obliquity should not exceed 5°.

● the distribution cabinet has front and rear doors, its shell uses stainless steel welding with strong anti-rust capability, the upper part has mesh vents, the lower part has shutters, which forms air channel between the upper and lower parts;
● the power distribution cabinet has distribution metering, feed and voltage measurement, reactive power compensation and leakage protection and other functions, and it can select the appropriate components according to the size of transformer capacity;
● the power distribution cabinet uses leakage pulse protection device combined with leakage relay and ac contactor, the device will cut off current when the leakage current of the protected power supply system is gradually increased to reach more than the rated residual operating current of relay;
● the switch of the reactive power compensation part can use static ac contactor, it can also use combination switch or non-contact switch to switch capacitor, thus the switching process has no flashy flow, no over-voltage operation, no arc, fast response and no operating noise, and its operation is stable and reliable; in three-phase unbalanced load position, it can take phase splitting compensation with compensations of three phases, it can ensure consistency of power factors of three phases.
● rated voltage: 400±20%v; 
● rated current: 25, 40, 63, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400a; 
● rated frequency: 50hz; 
● insulation resistance: ≥4m; 
● dielectric strength: main circuit: 2.5kv, 1min; auxiliary circuit: 2.0kv, 1min.