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distribution boxpgl1 and 2 low-voltage alternating-current distribution panels
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pgl1 and 2 low-voltage alternating-current distribution panels are applicable low-voltage distribution systems of ac 50hz and rated working voltage not exceed ac 380v in power plants, transformer substations, industrial and mining enterprises, used for electric power, distribution and lighting. the products comply with standards gb7251 and gb4720. 
● ambient air temperature: -5℃~ 40℃, average temperature in 24h should not exceed 35℃.
● air should be clean. air relative humidity should not exceed 50% at 40℃, higher relative humidity is permissible at lower temperature condition, for instance, 90% at 20℃. 
● altitude should not exceed 2000m;
● installation obliquity should not exceed 5°.
● the installation site should be free of strenuous vibration or impact, no corrosion affecting the electric components.
pgl1 and 2 low-voltage alternating-current distribution panels have features of reasonable structure, secure circuit configuration, good protection performance, high breaking capacity, stable dynamic thermal, safe and reliable operation, it is a new generation of low-voltage switchgear, it is the first choice for power grid reconstruction.
● each main circuit program of the product is corresponding to one or more auxiliary circuit solutions. after choosing the main circuit solution, user can easily select the appropriate electrical schematics from the corresponding auxiliary circuit solutions, thereby it reduces the user's design workload and improves work efficiency.
● it cancels multi-loop small motor control program, so that the main circuit solution is more simple and reasonable. it is recommended to select power cabinet series for multi-loop small motor control program.
● the panel of the product is divided into four sizes: 400,600,800,1000mm, each panel can be used as a stand-alone unit, it also can be used as panel unit to combine a variety of different options for users to choose.
● rated insulation voltage is 500v. 
● rated working voltage of main circuit is ac380v. 
● rated working voltage of auxiliary circuit is ac 220v, 380v, or dc 110v, 220v.
● pgl1 type: rated breaking capacity is 15ka (effective value); pgl2 type: rated breaking capacity is 30ka (effective value).