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box substationxgw10-12/630-6k5r-1/6 smart minitype switching station for outdoors (xgw10-zk above)
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with the development of modern industry, the requirements of automation and intelligence of electrical equipment are getting higher and higher, it has become an inevitable trend to  monitor, protect, control and meter electrical equipment under normal and accident situations with unified management by using modern electronic technology, sensor technology, communications technology, computer and network technology. the intelligent small outdoor switching station developed by the company has borrowed ideas from european switching station program, installed and debugged 10kv switchgear, circuit breakers, load switches, current and voltage transformers, 10kv power pt, ftu, communication control terminal (bu), 10kv metering and automatic meter reading device, ups power supply and instrumentation, then put them into a removable, sealed, moisture-proof stainless steel cabinet. thus it realizes primary and secondary system factory assembly in distribution grid and shortens the construction period, which greatly improves the reliability of city grid operation.
 item unit parameter
 rated voltage  kv  12
 rated current   a  630
 rated frequency   hz  50
 rated active load breaking current  a  630
 rated closed loop breaking current  a  630
 rated cable charging breaking current  a  10
 rated short-circuit making current (peak)  ka  50
 rated short-time withstand current (3s)  ka  3
 rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage  kv  2
 rated lightning impulse withstand voltage  kv  20/3s
 rated short-time power frequency withstand voltage (isolating distance)  kv  50
 rated lightning impulse withstand voltage (isolating distance)  kv  42
 mechanical life  times  75
 circuit distance   μω  ≤100
 protection class    lp33