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box substationybp(m)□-12 prefabricated substation (european type)
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ybp(m)□-12 prefabricated substation is a complete intelligent power supply and distribution device optimized with new environmentally friendly materials, new technology, advanced high and low voltage technology, it has multi-function and wild usage with reliable operation and good appearance. it can combine with the surrounding environment to design a variety of different styles and shapes. it has features of easy installation, less land requirement, less maintenance, less investment and long life. it can be used as power distribution equipment for urban buildings, residential areas, municipal facilities, factories, mines, roads, gardens, piers, oil fields and temporary power supply and other departments.
● altitude: not exceed 1000m; 
● ambient temperature: -25℃~ 40℃; average temperature within 24h should not exceed 30℃.
● quakeproof level: horizontal acceleration not exceed 0.4m/s2, vertical acceleration not exceed 0.2m/s2; no severe vibration, shock or explosive danger in the installation site.
● according to whether it can be equipped with intelligent system, it can be divided into: intelligent type; compact type.
● the cabinet body (shell) materials: metal shell; non-metallic shell.
● non-metallic shell is precast synthesized by non-metallic fiberglass and special reinforced concrete, it has high mechanical strength and good impact resistance, it has low thermal conductivity, and it has fireproof and smoldering features, compared with metal shell, it has better corrosion resistance and extremely long life and other characteristics.

rated voltage

auxiliary circuit

rated capacity of transformer (kva)

rated current
 hv side lvside   dc  hv  lv
 12kv  0.4kv  110kv
 24kv  100,125,160,200,
 rated frequency

rated short-time withstand current

 rated peak withstand current
 hv switchgear lvswitchgear 
 250-315kva 15ka
  400-800kva 30ka
 000kva above should be conducted according to actual short-circuit current 
  note: up to and including 200kva can be excused from test 

insulation level, withstand voltage of high-voltage equipment 

 rated voltage

 lightning impulse withstand voltage

1min power frequency withstand voltage

to-ground and phase-to-phase isolating distance  to-ground and phase-to-phase  isolating distance
 10  75  85  42  85