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box substationyb□-12 prefabricated substation (american type)
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yb□-12 type prefabricated substation is a homemade american style transformer substation. this product serves as an important power supply device in cable distribution network, is a complete prefabricated product integrating high voltage control with protection, power transformation and distribution, widely applied to rural and urban power distribution network. its high-voltage load switch and high voltage fuse are put in the transformer oil, so it has two structure types, i.e. share box or separate box with transformer body. the oil tank is fully sealed, with oil thermometer, oil level gauge, pressure meter, pressure relief valve and oil drain valve that monitor the running situation of transformer. this product can be divided into ring network type, terminal type and dual-power supply type. to better meet the actual condition of china power grid, we launch plug-in dry fuse, the fuse blowout will not affect the performance of transformer oil. according to the complexness of low voltage feed-out situation, yb□-12 substation has three types of shell: standard type, reinforced type and integrated type, which take more flexibility and economy for users and design units.
● ambient temperature: -30℃~ 40℃; 
● altitude: ≤1000m; 
● wind speed: 34m/s (not higher than 700pa);
● relative humidity: daily average value shall not exceed 95%; monthly average value shall not exceed 95%;
● quakeproof level: horizontal acceleration not exceed 0.4m/s2; vertical acceleration not exceed 0.15m/s2;
● degrees of inclination of the installation site: no more than 3°;
● installation environment: free of obvious pollution of corrosive or flammable gas. no severe vibration in the installation site. special requirements beyond above conditions should be determined by both users and manufacturer through negotiation
● rated voltage: 10kv/0.4kv
● rated voltage of high-voltage side: 10kv
● max voltage of high-voltage side: 12kv
● rated voltage of low-voltage side: 0.4kv
● rated frequency: 50hz 
● short-time withstand capacity of hv switch: 20ka/2s
● rated short-circuit breaking capacity of lv main circuit switch: 35ka
● rated short-circuit breaking capacity of lv distribution circuit switch: 35ka
● transfer current of hv load switch: >1500a

insulation level 

 rated voltage (kv)    10    0.4
 transformer  switch to-ground and phase-to-phase  switch across isolating distance
 power frequency withstand voltage (kv)  35  42  48  2.5
 impulse withstand voltage peak value (kv)  75  75  85  -
 noise level  <50db      
 protection class of shell  not lower than ip3x