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low voltage switchgearggd low-voltage alternating-current distribution cabinet
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ggd low-voltage alternating-current distribution cabinet is suitable for distribution system of ac 50hz, rated working voltage 380v and rated working current up to 3150a in power plants, transformer substations, industrial and mining enterprises, etc., used for electric energy conversion, distribution and control of power equipment, lighting equipment and distribution equipment and so on. ggd low-voltage alternating-current distribution cabinet is a new type cabinet designed according to the requirements of competent authority of ministry of energy, power users and design departments abiding by the principle of safe, economical, reasonable and reliable. the product is featured with high breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electric schemes, convenient combination, perfect serial property, high practicability, novel structure, high ingress protection grade, etc., it is the updated product of the fixed type low-voltage switchgear assembly. it is in line with the standards iec439 low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies and gb7251 low-voltage switchgear assembly.
main circuit of ggd cabinet has 129 schemes and 298 specifications (excluding the derived schemes and specifications due to function change of auxiliary circuit or change of control voltage).
wherein: ggd1 type has 49 schemes 123 specifications 
             ggd2 type has 53 schemes 107 specifications 

             ggd3 type has 27 schemes 68 specifications

model  rated current (a) rated short-circuit breaking current (ka)  rated short-time withstand current (1s)(ka) withstand current (ka)
 ggd1  a  1000  15  15  30
 b  600(630)
 c  400
 ggd2  a (1600)  30  30  63
 b  1500
 c  1000
 ggd3  a  3150  50  50  105
 b  2500
 c  2000