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low voltage switchgeargck(gcl) high-voltage full-automatic capacitance compensator
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gck(gcl) low-voltage withdrawable switchgear is composed of power distribution center cabinet (pc) and motor control center (mcc) two parts, it is applicable for distribution system of ac 50hz, max working voltage up to 660v and max working current up to 3150a in power plants, transformer substations, industrial and mining enterprises, etc., used for electric energy conversion, distribution and control of power distribution equipment, motor control equipment and lighting equipment and so on. 
this series of products is featured with high breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, advanced and reasonable structure, practicable electric scheme, perfect serial property and versatility, random combination of all kinds of scheme unit, many circuits contained in one cabinet, less floor area, nice appearance, high protection level, safety and reliability, convenient maintenance, etc.
it is in line with the standards iec439, gb7251.1-1997 low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies.
basic framework of this series product is a combined assembly, the framing members are connected with each other by screws to form the basic framework, then the door, baffle, separator, drawer, installation rack, bus and electric components, constitute a complete set of switchgear cabinet, and this switchgear cabinet has following features.
● the framework adopts special-shaped steel, makes use of 3d plate for positioning, bolted connection without welding, preventing welding deformation or stress, improves the mounting accuracy; 
● mounting hole of framework and components varies according to the modulus e=25mm;
● the internal structure is zinc plated, the exterior accepts acid cleaning and phosphating treatment, adopts electrostatic epoxy powder coating.
● in the inlet cabinet of power center (pc), the top is the horizontal bus area, with circuit breaker chamber under it, the circuit breaker can use the homemade dw15c, me and other series, also can be equipped with imported products according to users’ requirements, such as f series circuit breaker produced by abb corporation, and intelligent circuit breakers, etc; obliquity to vertical plane not exceeds 5°;
● transportation and storage temperature: -25℃~ 55℃, not exceed 70℃ in a short time (not exceed 24h).

technical parameters of switchgear 

 rated working frequency  hz  50
 rated working voltage   v  380、660
 rated insulation voltage   v  660
 rated working current  horizontal bus
vertical bus
 rated short-time withstand current  horizontal bus
vertical bus
80ka(effective value)/1s
 50ka(effective value)/1s
 rated peak withstand current  horizontal bus
vertical bus
 connector of main circuit  a  200、400
 connector of auxiliary circuit  a  10
 power frequency withstand voltage for 1min  v  2500
 max capacity of control motor   kw  155
 protection class    ip40
 operating mode     local, remote, automatic
installation dimension and mounting hole 
 width (a) depth (b) dim. of mounting hole (a) dim. of mounting hole (b)
 800  600  685  485
 600  800  485  685
 600  1000  485  885
 800  800  685  685
 800  1000  685  885
 1000  800  885  685
 1000  1000  885  885