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low voltage switchgeargcs low-voltage withdrawable switchgear
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the device is applicable for distribution systems in the power plants, high-rise buildings, and industries such as petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, textile and so on, is a low-voltage complete set device for distribution, motor centralized control and reactive power compensation for three-phase power supply systems of ac 50(60hz), rated working voltage 380v(400), (660), and rated current up to and including 4000a, it is especially suitable for big power stations, petrochemical and other locations where are highly automated and require computer interfaces. 
● improve thermal capacity of adapter to reduce the additional temperature-rise of connector, cable head and partition caused by temperature-rise of adapter. 
● clear and reliable separation among functional units and compartments, the fault of any one unit will not affect others, and the fault will be limited to the smallest range.
● horizontal layout of bus enjoys good dynamic and thermal stability that can withstand short-circuit current impact of 80/176ka. 
circuit number of single cabinet of gcs as many as 22 that meets the demand of power plants, metallurgical electrochemistry, industrial and mining enterprises, etc. 
● connection with external cables is finished in the cable compartment, cables can be led in or out. the zero-sequence current transformer is mounted in the cable compartment, enjoy convenient installation and maintenance.
● the identical power supply distribution system can limit the short circuit current through a current-limiting reactor and stabilize the busbar voltage to a certain value, also can reduce the short-circuit strength of some components to some extent.

● drawer unit has enough secondary connectors (unit 1 and above has 32 pairs, unit 1/2 has 20 pairs) that meet the computer interface and auto-control circuit demands on the contact quantity.

technical parameters of switchgear 

 rated insulation voltage   v ac 660(1000)v
 rated working voltage

main circuit
  auxiliary circuit

ac 380(660)v
  ac 380, 220, 24v  dc110, 220v
 rated frequency  hz  50(60)hz
 rated current of horizontal bus  a  ≤4000a
 rated current of vertical bus  a  1000a
 rated peak withstand current  ka  105(176)ka
 rated short-time withstand current  ka  50(80)ka