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low voltage switchgearmns low-voltage switchgear assembly
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mns low-voltage switchgear assembly (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) is a combined type low-voltage switchgear device by referring to the manufacturing technology of abb corporation. 
the switchgear is applicable for systems of ac50-60hz and rated working voltage up to 660v, used in power plants, power distribution station, factories, enterprises, hotels, malls and so on for electric energy conversion as well as control, power factor compensation of electrical equipment. this switchgear not only is applicable for land use, but also is suitable for offshore oil drilling platform and nuclear power station after special treatment. 
it complies with the standards iec439, vde0660 part 5 and gb7251-97 low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies. 
● ambient temperature: not exceed 40℃, average temperature within 24h not exceed 35℃;
● air should be clean. air relative humidity should not exceed 50% at 40℃, higher relative humidity is permissible at lower temperature condition, for instance, 90% at 20℃, please take measures for the condensation produced on the product caused by temperature change occasionally;
● altitude should not exceed 2000m;
● the switchgear should be transported and stored within the temperature range -25℃~55℃, and temperature should not beyond 70℃ in a short period (within 24h); under these limit conditions, the device should be protected against any unrecoverable damage, and should be able to work normally under normal conditions; 
● if beyond abovementioned conditions, we would like to settle the problem of special requirements through friendly negotiation.
● we’d like to come to an agreement separately for switchgears intended for offshore oil drilling platforms and nuclear power stations. 

the basic framework of the device is combination assembly structure, the entire structure of cabinet has been galvanized and the basic frames are connected by thread forming screws or 8.8 hex screws, and then adds corresponding doors, seal plates, partitions, mounting brackets, busbar, functional units and other components according to the scheme to form a complete unit, the internal dimensions and the partition size of the device are modularization (modulus unit e=25mm).

technical parameters of switchgear 

 rated insulation voltage  v ac 660(1000)v
 rated working voltage   main circuit
  auxiliary circuit

 ac 380(660)v
  ac 380, 220, 24v  dc110, 220v

 rated frequency  hz  50(60)hz
 rated current of horizontal bus   a  ≤4000a
 rated current of vertical bus  a  1000a
 rated peak withstand current  ka  105(176)ka
 rated short-time withstand current  ka  50(80)ka