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high voltage switchgeartbb□-10 high-voltage full-automatic capacitance compensator
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the endnote numbers is composed of three uppercase chinese phonetic alphabets, each letter represents mainline mode (a: single star line, b: double star line), the second letter indicates protection mode of the capacitor bank (l: unbalanced current protection, k: open triangle voltage protection), the third letter refers to the occasion of use. w represents outdoor occasion, blank means indoor occasion.
high-voltage full-automatic capacitance compensator is directly connected in parallel with substation switchgear, high-voltage asynchronous motor and other inductive loads to improve the power factor at load end, to improve voltage quality, to reduce line losses, to adjust the network voltage, and to play a role of saving energy and random automatic compensation.

executive standards: jb7111-93 high-voltage shunt capacitor device, gb50227-95 code for design of installation of shunt capacitors.

the device takes parallel capacitor as the main body; it is also equipped with current transformer, fuse, lightning arrester, series reactors and so on. the body of switchgear uses high-quality cold-rolled steel with ventilation shutters panels. the entire device has small volume, compact structure and reasonable layout.

● altitude of the installation site should not exceed 1000m; 
● ambient temperature of the installation site should be within -25℃~ 40℃ (indoor), -40℃~40℃ (outdoor); 
● installation site should be free of violent mechanical vibration, no poisonous or harmful gas or steam, far away from conductive or explosive dust. 
● long-time running at power frequency 1.1 times of rated voltage is permissible; 
● continuous running with steady over-current whose virtual value is 1.3 times of rated current caused by overvoltage and ultraharmonics is permissible; 
● difference between the actual capacitance and rated capacitance should not beyond (0~ 10)% of rated value, ratio of maximum capacitance and minimum capacitance between any two terminals of compensator should not exceed 1.06; 
● temperature of connection part among buses and each connection part of main circuit should not exceed 50℃; 
● surge current produced at the instant of putting into operation of capacitor bank can be limited below 20 times of rated current of capacitor bank.