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high voltage switchgearxgn15-12 indoor type alternating-current high-voltage sf6 ring main unit
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xgn15-12 indoor type alternating-current high-voltage sf6 ring main unit is a new generation of high-voltage electric product designed and developed independently by our company according to the requirements of domestic rural and urban power grid renovation. all technical indicators of the product reach the standards of iec298 and gb2906, with reliable mechanical interlocking and anti-misoperation functions, ingress protection level reaches ip4x. it is featured with small size, light weight, elegant appearance, convenient operation, pollution free, convenient maintenance, etc. 
item  parameter item parameter
 rated voltage, rated current   12kv、630a lightning impulse voltage  85ka
 rated short-time withstand current (2s)  20ka power frequency withstand voltage  48ka
 rated peak withstand current (peak)  50ka mechanical life   2000times
 rated short-circuit making current (peak)  50ka  rated pressure of sf6 gas  0.03mpa
 rated transfer current   2000a  annual leakage rate of sf6 gas  ≤0.5%