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high voltage switchgearxgn2-12 cubicle fixed type alternating-current metal-enclosed switchgear
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xgn2-12 cubicle fixed type alternating-current metal-enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as switchgear) is an indoor complete set of distribution equipment for three-phase systems of ac50hz and voltage 3.6-12kv, used for electric energy receiving and distribution, it controls, protects and monitors the circuits. its bus system is of single-bus structure with bypass bus, from which dual-bus structure can be derived. 
this switchgear complies with the standards gb3906 a.c. metal-enclosed switchgear for rated voltages of 3~35kv and iec298, has a perfect mechanical anti-misoperation interlocking device that is featured with reliable performances, complete functions, simple structure, convenient operation, and “five-prevention” locking function. 
main switch of the switchgear adopts zn28a-10 series vacuum circuit breaker that is equipped with cd17 series electromagnetic operating mechanism, ct17 or ct19b spring operating mechanism. it adopts cn30-10 rotary isolating switch series. 
● ambient medium temperature should not within -25℃~ 40℃; 
● altitude: not exceed 1000m; 
● relative humidity: daily mean not exceed 95%, monthly mean not exceed 90%; 
● saturated vapor pressure: daily mean not exceed 2.2×10-3mpa; monthly mean not exceed 1.8×10-3mpa; 
● seismic intensity: not beyond ms8;
● the installation site should be free of fire, explosive danger, serious pollution, chemical corrosion or severe vibration.
● anti-humid product is available for service environment beyond the above conditions. 
technical parameters of switchgear 
 rated voltage  kv  3、6、10
 max working voltage


 rated current   a  1000  1250~3000
 rated breaking current (effective value)  ka  20、25  31.5、40
 rated making current (peak)  ka  50、63  80、100
 rated peak withstand current (peak)  ka  50、63  80、100
 rated peak withstand current (effective value)  ka  20、25  31.5、40
 thermal stability time  s  4  
 protection class    ip3x  
 bus system   single bus  single bus with bypass
 operating methods     electromagnetic (cd17)  spring energy-storage type (ct19)
 outline dim.  mm  1100×1200×2650(standard)  
 weight   kg  about 1000~1300