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dry type transformerhigh-voltage reactor
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cksg high-voltage power capacitor purposed series reactor of class 6-35kv is one of the important equipments of reactive compensation device in power system. after connecting with the power capacitor in series, it can suppress the higher harmonic, limit the inrush transient current and switching overvoltage effectively, has good effect on safe operation of capacitor bank, plays an important part in improving the voltage waveform, voltage quality, safety and economic operation. 
adoption of epoxy resin molding and solid insulated structure, three-phase in one, make use of silicon steel sheet as magnetic permeable medium. the frame-shaped magnetic circuit structure is composed of iron yoke, core limbs of high filling coefficient (laminated type or radial type). its coil contains several encapsulations, is made up of multi-strand flat copper wires by means of parallel winding that effectively reduce the product size and loss. neither the reactor core nor the winding will be dipped in the liquid. it adopts air cooling mode, free of air leakage, it is convenient for manufacturing and maintenance. reactor coil is made up of multi-strand flat copper wires by means of parallel winding that effectively reduce the eddy-current loss in case of harmonic wave. 

● multi-encapsulation reactor has axial heat dissipation airways among the coil encapsulations, enjoys good heat dispersion performance. 

● through high-temperature curing, the reactor coil and iron core enjoy excellent electric insulation performance and mechanical property. the whole structure is featured with compact structure, small installation size, smooth appearance, low noise, maintenance free, etc. it is the perfect upgrading product. 

● frequency converter used reactor: input reactor suppresses the voltage leap of power grid or impulse current caused by operating overvoltage, it protects frequency converter and improves power factor; output reactor: it suppresses motor noise and limits the capacitive charging current of cable that connects with motor; dc reactor: it is set between the dc rectification part and inverter part of converter system, it makes the inversion step more stable and improves power factor of frequency converter. 

● other reactors: interphase reactor, smoothing reactor, harmonic adjustment reactor, starting reactor, arc suppression coil. we also can provide iron core reactors of different outline sizes according to the capacitor cabinet dimension.