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dry type transformersgzb(h) series environmental friendly dry-type on-load transformer of class 6-10kv
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this transformer is able to withstand strong shock, is featured with high overload capacity, nonflammable, fine fire retardant property, low loss, low partial discharge, low noise, pollution free, small volume, no crack, convenient maintenance, and will not produce harmful gas, is insensitive to humidity or dust. it can be applied to dirty and moist environment with high fire-preventing demand and dramatically varying loads, such as airports, power plants, metallurgy workshops, hospitals, high-rises, shopping malls, populated residential areas, and petro-chemical plants, nuclear stations, and nuclear submarines.

iron core
the iron core is made of 30zh120 silicon steel sheets imported from japan that have good magnetic conductivity performance and low no-load loss. surface of iron core is coated with resin with insulation class h, it is dampproof and rustproof.   

insulation system of the coil is made of the insulation materials   from dupont, through many times of dipping in solvent-free insulating varnish by vpi vacuum pressurization equipment, through high-temperature baking and curing, the coil enjoys high mechanical strength and electric strength. 

high capability to withstand thermal shock
the insulation materials are featured with nonflammable, self extinguishing, good fireproof performance, low loss, low noise and low partial discharge; 
insensitive to temperature or dust, small size, light weight, convenient maintenance and long service life;  
adoption of vacuum on-load tap-changing switch, enjoys high sensitivity for voltage regulation, stable output, safe and reliable running, energy saving, pollution free, and easy recycling after the lifespan.
● installation height: altitude shall not exceed 1000m;
● waveform of source voltage is approximate to sine wave;
● symmetry of multi-phase source voltage: 
   connected voltage of multi-phase transformer should be symmetrical approximately.
● ambient temperature: 
   max temperature 40℃
   max daily mean air temperature: 30℃ 
   max annual mean air temperature: 20℃
   min air temperature: -30℃ (applicable for indoor transformers)

rated capacity

voltage combination connection groupl loss (kw) no-load current  short-circuit impedance  weight (kg)
(kva) hv (kv) high-voltage tapping range lv (kv) symbo no-load on-load (%) (%) body weight  weight with shell
315 6
±4×2.5% 0.4 yyn0
1.025 5.40 0.9 4.0 1280 1340
400 1.21 6.35 0.8 1420 1480
500 1.41 7.60 0.8 1620 1680
630 1.61 8.85 0.7 6.0 1910 1980


8.85 0.7 1890 1965
800 1.97 11.00 0.6 2210 2285
1000 2.30 12.75 0.6 2650 2740
1250 2.78 15.00 0.5 3190 3320
1600 3.20 17.00 0.5 3800 3940
2000 3.90 20.30 0.4 4330 4480


23.60 0.4



order guide

please specify the product model, rated capacity, hv/lv rated voltage and high-voltage tapping range, phase number, frequency, connection group symbol and so on in the order.