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contactless voltage regulatorjsw series precision purifying three-phase ac stabilizer power source
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jsw series precision purifying ac stabilizer power source composed by jjw series single phase power source. so it possesses all the advantages of the single-phase power source. it is an ideal regulated power source for all kinds of large and medium sized institutes and schools, industrial and mining enterprises, post and telecommunications, railway transportation, medical health, bank system, etc.
it is suitable in household equipment, precision instrument, computer network project,medical treatment equipment, factory test board and so on.
input voltage stabilizing range 310~450v±3%
suitable input range 305~460v
frequency 50hz±5%
output voltage phase voltage: 220v±1%
power source voltage effect ≤±0.5%
waveform distortion ≤±5%(additional)
response time ≤50ms
efficiency ≥92%(full load)
peak absorption input 3000v/3μs peak output ≤30v