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motor type regulatortns series three-phase high accuracy full automatic ac voltage stabilizer
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tns series three-phase stabilizer is the combination of high-function single-phase stabilizer. the incoming power of the power network is three-phases four wires systemin system, the output power also three-phases four wires with three electric metersto separately indicate three-phase,and shift switch and voltage meters to shiftingand surveying each phase.
computers, test equipment, lighting systems, safety alarm systems, x-ray systems,communication systems, medical equipment, duplicators, stereo sound equipment,industrial automatic equipment, color film developing equipment, digital control machine tools, checkout equipment, tv sets, office appliances.
input voltage 280~450v
output voltage 380v±3%
phase three-phase
frequency 50~60hz
debug time >26v/sec
max of 1.5 3 4.5 6 9 15 20 30 50kva
output current 2 4 6 8 12 20 28 40 68a
delay short deley5±2 sec
temperature rise <70k(full load)
ambient temperature -5~ 40℃
wave form distortion no wave-form distortion
efficiency >95%
voltage withs tand national standard
relative humidity <90%